What’s this all about?


#EthicalCrackerFriday was an idea dreamed up by Matt Creagh, Anna Farrington, Will Kelleher, Ellie Jacobs, Sarah Murray, Jessey Tidahy and Tom Van Klaveren.

We are Geography students at the University of Exeter who all take the ‘Geographies of Material Culture’ module run by Dr Ian Cook, the man behind followthethings.com.

We were instructed to follow a commodity, and were given a buzzword to spark some ideas; ‘Family’ after a while we all started getting hungry thinking of our home comfort foods and then, with Christmas around the corner we all got excited. Someone mentioned Christmas crackers. An integral part of the festive period. Everyone pulls crackers and pretends to enjoy the rubbish jokes.  Maybe we could look into them?

To cut a long story short that’s exactly what we did! We only had a couple of weeks but we followed our crackers, and made our own on Friday 29th November or Ethical Cracker Friday. In a sort of culture jamming/’hactivism’ style we took a pack of six Wilkinson ‘Customise Christmas Crackers’ (only £3- bargain!) and decided to try and tell the story of these crackers via the crackers themselves by filling them with our own stuff and linking it all back to the stories on this site.

In Monday 2nd December’s Material Culture lecture we got the other students to open the crackers, put on the hats, work out what they had ‘won’ and then read the page about their cracker on this site. The process was complete!

Or was it?

Each of the crackers tell their own story. What have they uncovered? There will be lots of other stories in crackers, these are just a few.

So why don’t you get involved? Add a chapter to the story. Hack a cracker! Make your own. Tell a story. Take a picture. Send a tweet. Be an activist. Keep the ball rolling!

Merry Christmas.



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