Cracker Three

Cracker Three:



1 x Christmas Hat with ‘INTERNATIONAL?’ written on

1 x Map depicting places that involve crackers

1 x piece of paper reading ‘A BRITISH CHRISTMAS TRADITION?’

by Sarah Murray

Crackers are quite a British thing. But how British are they really? Where do your crackers really come from?

Commodities may seem like their made in an invisible far away land but in actual fact these factories creating our crackers are not only located predominantly in Asia but on our doorstep too. Nottingham, South Wales, Scotland and Kent to name a few (link)

People with privilege often have the luxury of putting distance between themselves and the consequences of their actions (link). But some of these factories are so close to us, yet still hidden.

Essentially it is the activism, the making of these crackers that can “make an otherwise abstract, far-away issue relevant by making it personal, visceral and local” (link).

The cracker you won is telling you where it might be made. If that’s not personal…


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