Cracker Four

Cracker Four:



1 x Christmas Hat with ‘FETISHISED’ written on

1 x piece of paper reading ‘WHO MAKES YOUR OTHER STUFF?’

1 x St.Ives face scrub

by Anna Farrington


You’ve just pulled your cracker and the gift has fallen out. A face scrub, not bad. You look around the room to see what everyone else has ended up with. Yes, you have arguably got the best prize of the bunch. You slip the hat onto your head like everyone around you and immediately forget about the cracker itself.

What about the gift inside your cracker, do you give this a second thought, think about where it came from? It came from inside the cracker, but where did it come from before then? Who makes the gifts themselves?

Crackers are made from different components, put together with relative ease. Do we give any thought to where the parts that make up our cracker – the gift, the hat – come from? Maybe we should follow them back to their roots (for examples of where this has been done see link).

We need to defetishise our commodities (Harvey, 1990), they do not come from nowhere, and the relationships between us as consumers and the producers of our crackers have become hidden.

So, next time you pull a Christmas cracker and a gift falls into your lap, think about where it may have come from, and the people who created it; and maybe how they don’t get to pull a cracker of their own this Christmas.


References here



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