Cracker Five

Cracker Five:

bah humbug


1 x Christmas Hat with ‘DISSAPOINTMENT?’ written on

1 x piece of paper reading ‘A CHRISTMAS WITHOUT CRACKERS’

Nothing else inside

by Ellie Jacobs

Why don’t I have a toy inside my cracker!? It’s Christmas, we always have crackers, it’s tradition!? What am I going to do at the dinner table before my Christmas meal?

It’s not all about the material aspects of life you know! Yes Christmas crackers became part of the alleged ‘Christmas tradition’ since 1847, but they are just commodities (link) like all the things inside a cracker.

Isn’t this occasion more about spending time with those you care about? These objects wield no power or agency unless people allocate it through imagined traditions and beliefs. (link). They are fetishised, becoming more than they actually are.

Would your Christmas really be that different without a small bang, a lousy joke, a flimsy hat and a piece of plastic in the shape of some sort of toy?

What if crackers didn’t exist? How many lives would be affected? Maybe look at the other crackers your friends have won to get an idea…

References here


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